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Posted by Therm0 - June 28th, 2010

Property of: CrumpetMassacre

Posted by Therm0 - April 21st, 2010

So I'm sitting here playing Animal Crossing by Nintendo, the original one to be specific, and I'm listening to a song by Envy. All of a sudden I realize how complex his layering and shit is; and then I'm hit with the question: "I wonder what his computer specs are?"
So, I'm not even going to ask him, just because I'm lazy, but I figured I'll post mine.
2.2Ghz Dual Core processor
4GB of RAM
250GB Harddrive
And I use FL Studio with various VSTs for the actual production.
Bet you Envy has at least a quad core.

Lol also I found a really old comic I made, that really kind of sucks, but I thought it was kind of cute. :)

Computer Specs and Production Shizz

Posted by Therm0 - April 17th, 2010

Yay, we got our new TV. Size and specs aren't the big deal, it's the fact that I can't set it up. It's killing me. My Mom says that she's going to let the cable guy do it, pshh. It's heavy but not too heavy that I can't set it up :( Maybe I'll just do it in the middle of the night or something. Let's just hope that, if I do, I don't end up smashing it, or worse.
Speaking of setting things up, the CD that came with it for "PC Share" (I'm assuming this is for transferring data between a computer and the TV wirelessly) was packaged like the company hates you. There's some kind of uselessly adhesive tape on the plastic wrapper, but when you open it, the tape flaps down back to where it was. And then guess what happens? The tape sticks to the bottom of the CD! Who the hell thought of that! I washed it practically a billion times, and it worked, I think. CD says so, but I don't believe it. :\ Overall, the packaging was done well, aside from the CD, though.

..Don't blame me for ranting on about a TV, I have nothing else to do. Haha.

Posted by Therm0 - April 6th, 2010

Welp as my luck should have it, I had a really nice Italian dinner last night, the last night of Spring Break.

I proceeded to puke my guts out right afterwards. And this was a shitload of food, mind you. So, I didn't go to school today and I ended up making a song out of sheer boredom. (Don't think I'd rather be in school, though, that shit's way worse.) So, I came up with a new song bladdabladdabla. Sometimes I wish I wasn't such a fatty D:
But, then my new song wouldn't have been made. Whatever. Life sucks sometimes, since this time it sucks because I don't know if it does or doesn't suck. HEHEHE

Posted by Therm0 - April 2nd, 2010

So, I used to use Sytrus (a VST Plugin) primarily as my main instrument for most of my songs. Now, I use ReFX's Nexus. It's an expensive, stiff little fucker with really nice sound but no possible user-created sound control. It's just 3.8 gigs of presets. Some sound good, some suck. I think that, possibly, some people only go for those presets and not synths created with Sytrus. Maybe it's the reverb? Maybe the delay? Maybe I'm just missing something.
Overall, my guess is that they all sound very geneeric and are very versatile. However still, it's a bit of a stretch in the Nexus concept. Sytrus is great, but it's kind of a tough job to actually get a synth up and running. So, to test this out, I decided to upload an old Sytrus track--and a new Nexus one. I liked the old Sytrus one better, probably because I spent more time on it. My results were this, so far:

-Sytrus Track:
~No reviews
~Less downloads
~Lower score
~More effort
~More melodically complex
-Nexus Track:
~2 reviews with a score of 9+
~More downloads
~Higher score
~Less effort
~Less exciting, melody-wise

So what do you guys think? I think this is pretty interesting. I'm not counting any previous songs due to the fact that they were quickly 0 bombed. These ones seem to have gotten fair votes, no 0's and generally 2+'s. (I find this to be fair based on the kind reviews, hehe)
Do feel free to post your opinion on this whole Nexus-sound-idea-thing I have.

tl;dr Nexus might sound better than other more conventional means of synthesis although not flexible, at all, for the user.

Thanks for reading this boring wall of text. :P

My Nexus Theory

Posted by Therm0 - April 2nd, 2010

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Posted by Therm0 - March 31st, 2010

Thanks you faggot zero bombers for proving to me that you're either A. jealous or B. just faggots. Voting 0 gets you nowhere, so, congrats. :D

..Yeah you're jealous either way, whatever. :)

Posted by Therm0 - March 27th, 2010

Welp, I missed one or two days of voting on at least 5 submissions daily, but who cares? :) Level 7, here I come. Maybe I'll be Asian by that point, hehehe.

Posted by Therm0 - March 20th, 2010

I mean, seriously. I've been waiting literally 23 days for you audio moderators to approve a song. One song. Takes less than a minute. Do you guys have any idea how many songs I've built up, just waiting to upload them? I'm beginning to doubt that I'll even upload them in the long run, anyways! (25, by the way.)

Posted by Therm0 - February 21st, 2010

So I thought I'd try this NewGrounds thing out. I've been producing for about 8 months and I think I'm good enough by now, haha. Tell me what you think once the audio moderators approve my submission. :)