Computer Specs and Production Shizz

2010-04-21 19:59:58 by Therm0

So I'm sitting here playing Animal Crossing by Nintendo, the original one to be specific, and I'm listening to a song by Envy. All of a sudden I realize how complex his layering and shit is; and then I'm hit with the question: "I wonder what his computer specs are?"
So, I'm not even going to ask him, just because I'm lazy, but I figured I'll post mine.
2.2Ghz Dual Core processor
4GB of RAM
250GB Harddrive
And I use FL Studio with various VSTs for the actual production.
Bet you Envy has at least a quad core.

Lol also I found a really old comic I made, that really kind of sucks, but I thought it was kind of cute. :)

Computer Specs and Production Shizz


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