Come on, Guys. :(

2010-03-20 03:36:31 by Therm0

I mean, seriously. I've been waiting literally 23 days for you audio moderators to approve a song. One song. Takes less than a minute. Do you guys have any idea how many songs I've built up, just waiting to upload them? I'm beginning to doubt that I'll even upload them in the long run, anyways! (25, by the way.)


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2010-03-20 14:50:55

Recently the audio portal was extremely backed up, from this I guess it still is.

*Rechecks the "Awaiting audio approval?" thread ( 56515/1)*

730 users on the list now (holy fucking shit, didn´t expect THAT many), the past longest time to get approved was when the list was at around 500 submissions (,,,3 months), hopefully there are more mods now and more active ones that can take care of this faster, but don´t expect it to get approved anytime soon (considering the past max, expect a minimum of 3 months).

Please understand that the mods have to do this on their free time, squeezing it in between work and other straining activities. They are doing the best they can so please be patient with them.

(Updated ) Therm0 responds:

Oh yeah I know. :P Don't think I have no idea how this stuff works--trust me--I do. :) It's just, if there are that many submissions and if the current moderators are so busy, why not just have more moderators? It's a very simple solution. There are plenty of people that would make fine candidates for Audio Moderators. :)

Oh, also, yeah I know. I believe that I understand how this whole process works. :P Just--it's taking a bit long. A bit too long. :( Hopefully there are more mods.