Wee, audio submission approved+faggot jealous zero bombers. :)

2010-03-31 23:38:35 by Therm0

Thanks you faggot zero bombers for proving to me that you're either A. jealous or B. just faggots. Voting 0 gets you nowhere, so, congrats. :D

..Yeah you're jealous either way, whatever. :)


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2010-03-31 23:48:24

it's always so amusing when people get there panties in a bunch over some stupid votes....
thanks for bringing a smile to my face

Therm0 responds:

Thanks for bringing one to mine, too! :D


2010-04-01 00:18:06

i dont give a shit about my score on the left..... what i do care about is reviews... people who went and gave out their time to do a little more than click

Therm0 responds:

Oh yes. Personally I think that NG should require reviews to cast a vote.