2010-04-17 17:50:37 by Therm0

Yay, we got our new TV. Size and specs aren't the big deal, it's the fact that I can't set it up. It's killing me. My Mom says that she's going to let the cable guy do it, pshh. It's heavy but not too heavy that I can't set it up :( Maybe I'll just do it in the middle of the night or something. Let's just hope that, if I do, I don't end up smashing it, or worse.
Speaking of setting things up, the CD that came with it for "PC Share" (I'm assuming this is for transferring data between a computer and the TV wirelessly) was packaged like the company hates you. There's some kind of uselessly adhesive tape on the plastic wrapper, but when you open it, the tape flaps down back to where it was. And then guess what happens? The tape sticks to the bottom of the CD! Who the hell thought of that! I washed it practically a billion times, and it worked, I think. CD says so, but I don't believe it. :\ Overall, the packaging was done well, aside from the CD, though.

..Don't blame me for ranting on about a TV, I have nothing else to do. Haha.


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