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Guitar Vs. Piano [ver. XCEED] (Goukisan Remix) Guitar Vs. Piano [ver. XCEED] (Goukisan Remix)

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Seriously Man, Piano.

I'm going to make this a short review--and I know you're not going to like what I have to say, so I'm only going to say the negative things. (Assume everything else is perfect--because it is.) The piano is far, far too quiet--you could've at least EQ'd it to the point where, if it is that quiet, made it a little more noticeable. In parts where the piano in the original song are supposed to be the 'lead,' everything else sounds like the same thing over and over, because it is. It's one thing if you have a quiet piano, but at least make the part a little more interesting. Those parts are just so boring man. :( I liked everything else, just, the piano is what makes the song original and without piano, this is just like every other song. Yes, it's a good 'every other song,' but it is just like every other song. Please release a re-master :( It would probably mean a lot to everyone. Thanks man.

rtnario responds:

Well, I'm not exactly the professional in terms of actual audio engineering, so I have so much to learn. Also, I don't know if the parts seem boring to you, or if you haven't heard the original 1.2 and noticed that I used the exact same melodies XD;; I guess I can't deny anything against turning up the piano, but let me reiterate that there can be as much as 4 electric guitars in one band instead of 4 keyboards o: I'll think about that re-master though, but I'd rather do those kinds of things for my original compositions, which I hope you'll like if you ever bump into them! Thank you for the insightful review!

~EnV~WobbleWobble ~EnV~WobbleWobble

Rated 5 / 5 stars


That's some nice Wobblestep you've got going there. Best I've ever heard. ;D

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Envy responds:

I see youve got some wobble in your step. GET IT, LIKE WOBBLESTEP.


"Dance Song" Preview "Dance Song" Preview

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Great melodies

The actual music is great. I don't think you need any advice there--the thing is, you seem to have limited the master output to 50%
Therefore I refuse to give this submission any more than a 5/10. This could be great without that reduction in sound. Check your mixer, it's at 50% max volume.

momboom1 responds:

I guess I didn't test it through any output other than my headphones so it sounded louder in those. Thanks :(.

Fire Anthem DEMO by Enteroar Fire Anthem DEMO by Enteroar

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Sorry bud

Welp, it just didn't flow well. That, and that it peaks way too much. I'm using Sennheiser HD595s, just to clarify this. The piano was great, the pads were a bit loud, and it could be way better. Just master it better. However, what confused me, was that you had the piano just stop when the melody come in, and other times, you cut stuff off for no apparent reason. It's a confusing song. It could be much better, try making it have an opening, one solid middle, and then either a completely different end, or a reasonably-long closing.

Enteroar responds:

Hey bro I just uploaded this song to the finished one, so just jus tell me what to fix now :P
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/336831

[Fiji]Revival [Fiji]Revival

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Oooh. :)

So far, I'm only on the first 4th of the song, so yeah, this review's probably going to just.. Go along in a chronological order. :P
I thought the intro went on a bit long, but that's okay. The buildup is nice. That lead is nice :D
The snare roll and then the new synth is a very nice touch, as are those pads. :3
This pad part is nice. I think it would sound even better if that synth you brought in faded in, the one with the panning and the delay.
The next synth you bring in also sounds nice. :D The fade in is a nice touch. :) The "glitching" (chopping) of the synth sounds a bit offbeat.. But I don't know if your percussion will be too, if so, then that's a great idea. The bass is very nice, by the way. :) I think you should've kept the kicks going in that snare roll, and it seemed like you were building it up and then just cut it off. I was expecting it to go somewhere, and then it just went back to kicks and bass. :S
That synth reminds me of a 3XOSC preset, the one you transitioned into before that sequenced saw. It's an okay choice, I would've chosen something a little different, probably a standard saw with a glide, but okay. The bass and synth you brought in are nice, as is that kick. Now I'm just waiting for the clap/snare, etc. And here it is :D
I like the synth you brought in as well, so so far this is great. It's not perfect--but it can be. Oh my. D: It's almost over. :(

Hopefully this is the last section, if not, then you'll have to continue the next section on some more because that would be one hell of a long buildup. I liked the ending, seemed like you could've drawn it out a little more, but hey, great job! Overall, this could use some work (rather, perfection :3) but it's a really great structure for a song. Keep producing, man! :D

MrFijiWiji responds:

i like the buildup with the kick and then roll... its what paul van dyk does alot... and u raise some good points.... but rite now im satisfied with this song.. will come back to it and finish it later... (hopefully sell it eventualy) but thats a stretch..... and u better tell me when ur music gets up man! its taking longer than mine did.... those mods are lazy asses!

Help me name this song! Help me name this song!

Rated 2 / 5 stars

You need to edit your live performances

It's great, at the beginning. Then it's the same synth over and over, with quiet drums in the background. Not to mention, your live playing is offbeat. You need to go back and fix your notes, bud. It seems to end abruptly and there's really nothing I can say I like about this song.

CardboardowI responds:

I'm sorry theres nothing you can think to say good. :( maybe try some of my other works if you didn't like this one.

Anyway, I did the same sytnh over and over for a reason, and i do diffrent stacks on it alot, but I didn't really want alot of instrument changes. I did it as to like a theme of something, what im not sure, proly a field or space or something of some area, im not sure.

However, I'm pretty sure it's not off beat since, well when i was making this song, I litrally put noes on the beat, most of this wasn't even live. Some of the smaller effects were live, but most of those are consant or fade in with no beat.

Also, whats wrong with quiet drums? they weren't very important except for the intro they just kept the beat moving. If a song isn't about the drums, im not going to bring them out.

So while I disagree with the majority of your opinions, I thank you for your review.

I Feel -Trance- I Feel -Trance-

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Really Sick Effects.

I loved the effects. At some points, they sound like they overlap and just take over the song, which isn't so good. Don't get me wrong, they're great, just, in some parts, you should really consider changing the decay time of the reverb and such.
I dislike how the kick either overpowers the background, or you just manually muted it, but, either way, I think it would sound better if they kind of.. Worked together, rather than overpowered eachother. I think this would fit better in Ambient--mainly because, although it seems to be fast enough for Trance, it's really all just soft sounds and no real powerful part seems to stand out. It's very nice though, so, good job.

Mans0n responds:

Thanks for the honest and helpful review

Best. Day. Ever. Best. Day. Ever.

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Sounds Live.

The release time of some of the notes in the chords sounded like you'd played it live, and I kind of wish they lasted longer. It's a very happy sounding loop, and I think you did a good job. But uh, really, the release time, that's a really important thing, man. :P
Good job, though! :D

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Bebopsu responds:

damn, i have that problem with almost everything i make in garageband...ill work on it tho, thanks for the feedback!

[RM] - Hovering Above WIP2 [RM] - Hovering Above WIP2

Rated 4 / 5 stars


The opening was very, very calming and definitely hinted at the rest of the song. The fade in was nice. I like the second synth you brought in, it has potential. It sounds a bit repetitive, in the beginning, but I like the arp/saw sequence you brought in. The percussion seemed a bit sudden, the hats and clap. The EQing was generally nice, and it seemed to feel very happy, and the name fits very well. Generally, I liked this song. You need some work on transitions, a little bit, but it's still a great song. :)

Randomizor responds:

Thanks. =3

[c30] Incendiary [c30] Incendiary

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Hardstyle as Well, You Say? :3

This was great. The synths were all great--and so were the effects. Generally, you didn't go wrong anywhere. My only complaint is that at points it sounds like some of the tracks may be a bit too loud, and overpowering the other tracks, but it only sounds like that. I'm not sure if it's actually happening, but either way, very, very nice techno, man. I can't wait to hear the Hardstyle version. :)

culmor30 responds:

I made the hardstyle version a while ago, check my music page ;]

Glad you like :D

also, mastering is absolutely terrible on both of these, which is why some things sound louder. i'm considering remaking one of them with my slightly better mastering skills.

no, really, the mastering process on these consisted of slapping a soundgoodizer on the master channel. that's how bad i was.