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Great humor, great puns, geat ideas. This is amazingly funny and I can see nothing wrong with it. Perfect. That's all I can say. :)

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It's nice.

It's got a great concept, just, the execution wasn't amazing, which I can't say I blame you for. Don't worry, it's not a bad game. It's just not perfect--and no game is. So, you've got this guy running. That's the big focus. Sadly, the animation for the run is very very bad, and it's hard to actually get into the game with a "run" like that. Also, after a while, it gets difficult, and boring. The same thing over and over, same mountains, same animation, same saws(?)
However it's a nice concept. Maybe in the future you can revisit this Flash. :)

This Music

The game is great, however, because you have almost no other sound other than some minor FX and the music, the music is a very large portion of the score. Not only is the music terrible, repetitive, and abnoxious--but it uses the most annoying drum kit I've ever had to hear. It's FL Studio FPC, the DEFAULT FPC. It's disgusting to listen to and I don't know who you got to make the music for you--but you made a very very bad choice there. I never want to play this game again, only because you lack nice sound and what sound you do have is torturous to listen to. The game is fine, but the music is part of the game.

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Seriously Man, Piano.

I'm going to make this a short review--and I know you're not going to like what I have to say, so I'm only going to say the negative things. (Assume everything else is perfect--because it is.) The piano is far, far too quiet--you could've at least EQ'd it to the point where, if it is that quiet, made it a little more noticeable. In parts where the piano in the original song are supposed to be the 'lead,' everything else sounds like the same thing over and over, because it is. It's one thing if you have a quiet piano, but at least make the part a little more interesting. Those parts are just so boring man. :( I liked everything else, just, the piano is what makes the song original and without piano, this is just like every other song. Yes, it's a good 'every other song,' but it is just like every other song. Please release a re-master :( It would probably mean a lot to everyone. Thanks man.

rtnario responds:

Well, I'm not exactly the professional in terms of actual audio engineering, so I have so much to learn. Also, I don't know if the parts seem boring to you, or if you haven't heard the original 1.2 and noticed that I used the exact same melodies XD;; I guess I can't deny anything against turning up the piano, but let me reiterate that there can be as much as 4 electric guitars in one band instead of 4 keyboards o: I'll think about that re-master though, but I'd rather do those kinds of things for my original compositions, which I hope you'll like if you ever bump into them! Thank you for the insightful review!


That's some nice Wobblestep you've got going there. Best I've ever heard. ;D

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Envy responds:

I see youve got some wobble in your step. GET IT, LIKE WOBBLESTEP.



The opening was great, I mean it. Loved the progression and the melodies. Your synths are also very nice--they make you feel like something important is about to happen but you're also fine waiting, you know? Then, when it actually gets to the fast, action-y part, it's just sick. Your melodies are amazing and they're something I could imagine hearing in a Megaman game. They're very thoughtful, they have a lot of emotion. I just really enjoy it. It's great. I just wish these were their own, finished tracks. :(

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Fucking Dope

Love the depth in this. The shading's great, and so is the perspective. I love the color choice, as well. Can't wait to find out if this is actually going to be flashed. :)

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